teamLab will present teamLab Digital Furniture, the furniture of the future, at the world's largest international design trade fair, MILANO SALONE 2014(Milan, Italy), from April 8 (Tues.) to April 13 (Sun.), 2014.

2014/4/8(Tue) – 2014/4/13(Sun)
Opening hours
Padiglione Visconti
Via Tortona 58,Milano,Italy

teamLab Digital Furniture

teamLab Digital Furniture

“teamLab Digital Furniture” is an interactive interface depending on the actions of the people around it.
When you touch, move or put something on the furniture, it makes people happier or communicates with other people around it.
Utilizing all “teamLab Digital Furniture” as a common interface allows the creation of a space where people can get immersed and feel emotionally involved.

Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park

Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park

Let’s experience being creative together.

People who are both creative and can create as a team will play an increasingly active part in the 21st Century.

Japanese education at present emphasizes memorization from childhood and is focused on extending the comprehensive ability of individuals culminating in evaluation in a test. There is very little room for creativity or team evaluation - we are forced to give priority to individualism.

Co-creation is creating through cooperation. This is very important for children’s learning.

Using the latest technology, children in the same space can by freely moving their body influence and collaborate with each other - whilst enjoying themselves they can be creative! Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park is a future play park with the hope of encouraging children to become creative through collaboration.

By compiling experimentation and verification, we plan to go on to produce more works along the same theme, and we plan to go on to present “Learn and Play! teamLab Future Park” at many events and non-permanent exhibition places.

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about teamLab

teamLab is an Ultra-technologists group made up of specialists including; Programmers (User Interface Engineers, Database Engineers, Network Engineers, Hardware engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Software Architects), Mathematicians, Architects, CG Animators, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Editors and more. We create works through "experimentation and innovation" making the borders between Science, Technology, Art, and Design more Ambiguous.